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Soon after, another woman sang in Spanish of the benefits of cacao, as those participating in the ceremony took turns sipping the elixir from mugs.

The scent of chocolate wafted past the plants hanging from the temple’s exposed beams, the starry-eyed millennials, the photographs that lined the walls.

While he hails from Los Angeles, California, his ethnicity can be traced from three varied descents. On the other hand, his mother is a native of Colombia.

Dilts described Full Circle as “a new take on the idea of an intentional community,” but the ceremony made a point to acknowledge those who came before.

These included the Krishnas, who, according to Keegan, had “long been evicted” from the Temple, and others who gathered to worship at the Rose Temple over the past century.

“Any time that you have celebrity, there’s a perception that there’s an unlimited amount of resources, and that doesn’t match with reality,” Dilts explained.

Andrew’s funded a lot of this project, and he now has a family, so this project needs to fund itself.” During the recent “prayerformance” event — which was advertised as “high vibe music, cacao, community, dancing, song and circle” for a to sliding-scale admission — it was clear Keegan knows most everyone involved, opting for hugs over handshakes.

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