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Anyway, you have to be very attentive if such situation happens from time to time. Instant messengers: Skype, Viber, Whats App, XMPP, Gtalk, ICQ ... These services may be simply hacked and all your private data will go to the attackers. main feature is that the server that keeps encrypted message and files has no idea about their contents. Safe communication for journalists and human rights activists.

We suggest you to change your passphrase frequently and make it like `3c&8hn Hg) _9DLkhn Such combination is very hard to guess and it takes a very long time to try. Encryption of message is done in the browser before sending anonymous text to the server, and the key to decrypt the message is the second part of the URL - #KEY.

Everybody has only one chance to open the link and read the safety message. It is removed due to security.' Is it possible to see a recently read messages using the history of the browser, the back and forward button? There's no way to join a chat that is already active.

No, we took such feature of the browser into account. Client browser uses random data, your passphrase and the data encryption algorithm of Vernam (AES 256) to encrypt the message. We do not store any keys on the server - you only get the link with the key inside. My friend sent me the link secured by passphrase, but it showed me : 'Here was your message. It happens from time to time, so I get the "dead" links from my friend only. This means, that someone is first to open your links from time to time. You may securely paste the URLs into Gmail, Skype, Viber, Whats App, VK, Facebook etc. This error may be also caused by using browser's navigation while chatting.

All the rest internet services in the world keep all your personal data not encrypted on their servers and may use it for their discretion anytime.

The length of AES 256 secure link is less then 160 symbols and may be sent via SMS. They use SSL but the messages are stored not encrypted on their servers. This means that your chat will stay secure even if someone hacks you, sniffs https and get your chat link. Our encrypted chat allows you messaging online with 2-30 participants. Choose security options - timeout for start and inactivity.

Coreen, Started a few months back, and with every single messaged exchanged the chemistry was explosive. We are engaged now and talking about wonderful prospects of life on the horizon.

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In the chat room you can see which one of the participants joined the chat and who left it.

The Secserv team is constantly improving our product. We believe in this right, and we are fighting for it. What is the difference between Vernam and AES 256 encryption algorithms? What kind of files can I send and receive via my i Phone? Is it possible to see a recently read messages using the history of the browser, the back and forward button? HTTPS means that your connection to our site is safe to exchange data. Yes, it's encrypted with AES 256 algorithm and the messages are stored encrypted as well.

Our team is a group of enthusiasts, working to ensure that everybody can securely transfer any data via the web including commercial secrets or love messages. Do the internet services keep my secret message not encrypted etc. Is there any possibility to intercept the messages anyway? Could I open the same link and read the message again? What is the difference between Vernam and AES 256 encryption algorithms?

Also you may insert the link with secure message encrypted by Vernam into the AES 256 text field and press create - so you will get the "link inside link". So, this #KEY isn’t transmitted to the server - server can’t decrypt the message and review its contents. - HTTPS connection with AES 256 encryption RSA 2048 bit key.

If someone decrypts your AES 256 message cos of weak passphrase - they will only get the Vernam link inside (already read as well) - not the text. In practice, it looks like this: you insert text into a web form, press the button “Create” - now the browser encrypts the message with key AES 256-bits, and then sends the message to the server. - any kinds of files are supported for secure data encryption up to 7MB.

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