Junsu and taeyeon dating

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Both groups are under a microscope and this was messy, so it makes me wonder if this was done on purpose. It’s their right to date, and they should be able to do it publicly, but jeez they should have came out into the public if they were going to get caught like this. When two of the biggest Kpop idols fall in love , will their love beat all of the obstacles or will there be some trouble along the way. It's time to score, but are you ready for your chance?Will they be able to complete their quest in time before the Daughter of Hera turns into s Credit to my friend who made the Poster :) i have decided i will continue this fanfic but i need your cooperation :) please give some suggestion on how will i continue it if you really want me to continue it and NO SILENT READERS PLEASE i also need to know your thoughts about this fanfic.Nichkhun and Yuri, they were dating but called it quit soon after Nichkhun joined ‘We Got Married’, a reality show where he ‘pretended’ to be Victoria’s husband. But both of them too are blaming each party for the break up. Since their last relationships with a girls they closed their heart and turn cold.On the day that Taeyeon is getting married, Wooyoung regrets not telling her his true feelings, so much that the fairy present in the church at that time took Here is the beast-idols 2PM and 9 Goddess-SNSD. I don't how in reality,but in my fanfic they are friends.Als Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Taeyeon and Tiffany are bestfriend since they are young.Yes, it’s a lot more than the drop top issues, like Baekhyun control your brightness level on your phone, but seriously you are already on the map.

Before I even get into SM Entertainment’s statement, which is a complete recycled statement from EVERY company who’s idols have been caught dating, allow me to understand what the hell is going on so far.

SM HAD to confirm it because if they had not, they would have been calling the public stupid. Taeyeon, I think tabloid journalists already have your car model and license plate memorized, so it’s not that difficult for them to know who’s pair A is in the relationship.

But you could have did a better job of protecting Baekhyun of being exposed as pair B if you were careful.

Tiffany is a beautiful girl, and she is in couple with Siwon, she doesn't know Nichkhun feelings, she just see Nichkh When Seohyun was in highschool she had crush on Chansung. To make things worse, her unnie Taeyeon is dating Junsu, which means 2pm will be visiting the dance studio more often. But what if, the Queens and Soldiers missed out one King who had actually survived the war, only pretending to be dead and locked himself up in his own mansion to be hidden secretly?

What if they have been tricked by the King who planned to take revenge for his own brothers who have died?

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