Global address not updating under outlook cached mode

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I created these as Universal Distribution Lists and nested them appropriately.I am expecting at least the top-level group to appear in my version of Outlook, but no dice. (1) Have you ran Exchange Best Practice Analyzer recently? I actually setup a group policy to turn that off because my GAL wasn't updating.These accounts why greyed out in comparison to the normal accounts.I tracked this down to that the client had cloned some accounts from an account that used to have a mailbox attached to them.

Then under the attribute editor browse down to Show In Address Book as seen below. Then simply remove the entries ( all of them ) that you see by highlighting and selecting remove. The next time your GAL rebuilds these accounts will be removed. If you are impatient like me you can drop into power shell and run these commands to update it immediately.

I've tried updating and downloading the whole GAL many times.

I ran the four commands you sent me, which completed successfully, except the last, which indicated it was not a valid command.

I've waited 24 hours and performed manual updates without success. (3) Do a manual download of the entire GAL, not just recent changes, and see if that helps.

If the above doesnt work, then i would try the following as well: Get-Global Address List | update-Global Address List Get-Address List | update-Address List Get-Offline Address Book | Update-Offline Address Book Get-Client Access Server | Update-File Distribution Ser Thanks Dave, I have not yet run the Exchange Best Practice Analyzer.

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