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my dd who's now 17mths cut her first at 8mths and really struggled with her first 2 but then at 11mths she cut 6 within 10 days and it didnt bother her at all and 4 of those were her back teeth.

she's still yet to cut 2 of her front teeth so she's completely gone against the order and age of cutting teeth according to the red book.

My DS is 9 months old, no teeth and has no signs of them cutting, im becoming slightly worried so many people have been asking if he has any teeth and then begin to tell me how their baby was 5 months etc when they started I know every baby is different, but not once have i came across a baby who didn't have 1 tooth by 9 months.

X Thank you for your quick replies So nice to hear that others were in the same situation, as a first time mum i probably worry more than i should!

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XMy DD didn't get her first until she was 9 and a half months, she didn't have much trouble teething so I had no idea she even had one cutting.

her first tooth came when she was 14 months old..14months! she is 20months now but only had 9 teeth whereas the children her age locally have more or even all their teeth!

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Hi Gemma, just wanted to say you are not alone when you worry when your child hasnt started to teeth or got a tooth when all other children around you have.

everychild is different, and i also really worried about my DD...

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