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The southern part of the province has a number of Khmer sanctuaries, the most magnificent being Phanom Rung, regarded as one of the most beautiful examples of Khmer architecture in Thailand.Phanom Rung Historical Park: Phanom Rung (), or, with its full name, Prasat Hin Phanom Rung (Phanom Rung Stone Castle), is one of the most significant Khmer monuments in Thailand. The economy of the region relies on the agricultural products such as rice. It also has the sites of ancient civilisation such as at Ban Chiang village.The province is renowned for its strong Buddhist tradition, particularly the practice of forest-dwelling monks and the ancient Buddhist temples, which can still be seen throughout the province today.The province is unique in its folk culture, which is expressed in the indigenous cuisine, handicrafts, such as silk and cotton products, basketry, and bronze-ware, and traditional events such as the Candle festival held every July.

Scattered around the province, these products of ancient wisdom shines through time.

People are convivial and offer warm hospitality to guests who visit their land.

It has great facilities to welcome tourists including a wide range of accommodation from small guesthouses to 5-star hotels as well as tourist activities. The province acquires a total area of 3,161 square kilometres.

Amnat Charoen has been part of Ubon Ratchathani until it was upgraded into province in 1993.

Although it is a small and tranquil town, Amnat Charoen has various attractions distributing in different Amphoe.

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